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Farewell to Summer in a Week of Outfits

In Texas, there are few signs that summer is leaving us— the somewhat cooler weather, the gloomier skies, and the pumpkin flavored everything. So as an ode to the steamy season, I have styled 5 days of outfits to sartorially express what I will miss about Summer. These looks are pieces from my own closet that I have repeatedly worn…


8 People Who are Redefining Creativity [Published Articles]

I’m a sucker for inspiration. As in I am always looking for new ways to stay inspired because honestly, I get bored easily. There are a few people that caught my eye this month and I want to share their stories with you. If you read my birthday post, you know one of my goals this year for The Inner…

Frank Ocean

Welcome Back Frank-September Playlist

This month is the month for Frank Ocean. As you should know Frankie has not released an album since 2012, FOUR YEARS AGO. I wanted to literally make this entire playlist the Frank Ocean album, but thought I would spare you the unoriginal playlist and instead provide you with a mixed list of my favorite hip hop/soul songs I’ve been…


Happy Birthday to The Inner Lining: She’s 1!

Guyzzz! It’s been a whole year since I’ve started this blog! Thank you if you are reading this sentence right now because you have clicked on the link and have spent at least five seconds of your free time looking at my site— that means a lot, so thanks! As much as I would like to thank you repeatedly that…

Weird edit

Fashion FAQ: Why are Magazine Photos so Strange?

The other day I was sitting at the dinner table while my mom was reading through this month’s issue of Glamour magazine. She stopped at a photo shoot spread with Jaden Smith and model/actor, Jasmine Sanders wearing extremely over-sized clothing with loud, mix-matched prints. She stared at it and said “interesting…” with a sarcastic tone. I snapped back and asked…

june playlist

Songs that Beat the Heat- June Playlist

It’s Summerrrrr! I have to be honest this is not my favorite season–I legitimately hate the heat, but you know I’m survivin. To get me through I’ve been listening to these killer songs. Check out the playlist and get ready for July’s coming soon! Sing-along time!

flatlay-withoutigandpin edit

How to Find New Ideas Without Pinterest and Instagram

Whenever there’s a writer’s block, artist’s white canvas, or a songwriter’s mind goes blank with lyrics nowadays they most likely press the keys of their nearby device and insert their urls with Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds for ideas. With Pinterest as the online mecca for instant inspiration and Instagram for the epitome of wannabe artists of all kind form…

Devil wears prada cover

10 Reasons the Devil Wears Prada is the Best Fashion Film

Happy 10 year anniversary Devil Wears Prada! I thought it would be fitting to celebrate by highlighting the reasons why this movie really is a fashion girl’s favorite. I also want to clarify when I say film I mean movie played in theaters and bought in stores, this by all means doesn’t mean the Devil Wears Prada is the best…

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A Working Girl’s Guide to Conquering Business Casual

I would say business casual is an oxymoron. You have the word business which implies professionalism, being proper, and conservative. Then, there’s the word, casual meaning laid back, chill, and requiring little effort. Now how am I supposed to combine these two opposites into an outfit, you ask. Good question. You can’t be cautious and dress more business-formal because it…

Trends Post Image

6 Summer Trends that will Improve your Style Game

Oh trends, some people love the word, some people stay away from it. You hear the word trendy and classic meaning two different things and describing two different types of people. I would like to consider myself a classic dresser, steering away from a lot of the fast moving micro trends (I’ll get to that word in a minute), but…