Denim: Friend or Foe? The end all, Tell all of this Fabric

Denim is one of my favorite fabrics of all time. But really did you click on this post to read about me? Hopefully not, but if so click here.

Denim can be either the root of all evil or the best article of clothing God put on this earth depending on your perspective. Oh the many complications of denim. That being said I have documented the best and worst moments of denim relating to the friend or foe situation I have going on in the title, I hope you can relate to these denim wearing endeavors.


There are oddly so many people related to denim i.e. mom jeans, dad jeans, boyfriend jeans, and one I just saw in GAP, the girlfriend jeans. Why does denim have such a strong connection to human relations? Because we, as Americans, no, actually as the world wear denim for every occasion and in every decade since the 1920s. I guess the jeans caught on to the people we associate the happenings of our lives with. So denim is not only the our relationships with humans, but it is also our relationship with ourselves.

The difference between a Mom Jean and a Dad jean courtesy of Man Repeller

The difference between a Mom Jean and a Dad jean courtesy of Man Repeller


Relationship Jeans

Enter the gazilion different styles of denim out there. We wear different types of denim depending on how we feel about our body. Use skinny jeans as an example, they became super big in 2010 when fitness was such a big deal, therefore people wanted to show off there rad bodies (wow did I really just use that word??). Now the the flared leg has recently become popular around last fall because going back to the 70’s was a common trend in fashion. These jeans allow people to showoff their long legged figures, or at least give off the illusion.

The Progression of Jeans

I’m not just talking about jeans though, denim fabrics in general from button down shirts to skirts, shorts and even surprisingly shoes! (view these if your skeptical) Denim has become the empire of casual wear. I mean think about casual Fridays, which was such a shockingly exciting, new concept in the 90’s workforce. Casual Fridays went from “Aloha Fridays” (people wearing Hawaiian shirts to work) to Levi defining the term to entail wearing jeans and khakis. I think what is so versatile about denim is that it can be worn with anything in any casual occasion. Watch below.

to… Casual “Denim” Fridays

But the BEST part is nowadays people are wearing denim to dress up, dress down, go out, stay in, posing on red carpet (keep scrolling), meet the boyfriend’s mom…literally whatever moment in life there you’ll see denim. Even New Yorkers notorious for wearing all black, insert denim into their wardrobe because seriously who can go a lifetime without wearing denim? I’m serious I can’t think of one person. Even Australian Blogger, Sara Donaldson, who is noted for only wearing black, grey, and white, wears denim as a fourth color.

Denim Dress-Uppers

Denim Dress-Uppers


Dressed Downers

Dressed Downers

Lastly, It can also be a great thrift find. You can always add your own spin to a boring pair of denim (i.e. embroidery, patches, jewels, etc.) or you can make them into something entirely new.

DIY Denim

Case 1: Denim is definitely your friend.


Let’s take a trip back to the statement about the mom and dad jeans. Now these two have gotten a lot of bad rep, mainly because if you can’t wear them right they are a tragic sight to see from all angles. Examine below.

The worst mom jeans courtesy of Buzzfeed

The WORST mom jeans courtesy of Buzzfeed

Secondly wearing jeans can be so uncomfortable at times. Especially if your skinny jeans are two sizes to small and you are eating at an excellent restaurant (I’ve had a few of these encounters). And the high rise, though one of my personal favorite waist heights can leave a very indention on your skin. I often have this mental conversation in my head—should I pull them up more? Well, no I don’t want to have a camel toe. But they keep sliding down!! And then you end up having to wear a belt.

I haven’t even talked about the holes in places you don’t want and rips in places you really  don’t want (the rips happened to me twice! Luckily, they were in my own house and the second time was in the car, so I could drive back home to change…that has to be one of the top embarrassing things a person can experience). The holes in jeans are fine until a small whole on your thigh frays into this massive whole that makes your skin bulge out and you look bigger than the jeans will allow in that one section.


It seems the best kinds are always overly expensive. I feel like it is expected to spend $50 or more if you want to really get the best wear and quality out of them.

Okay last little complaint I have, then I will leave you on your marry way. The Canadian tuxedo, AKA denim on denim can be worn VERY incorrectly. So choose your style, wash and fit carefully. I can help with this at anytime 😉

B-A-D Denim

B-A-D Denim

Case 2: Denim is such a foe. I’m wearing sweatpants the rest of my life.


Okay now you decide is denim case 1, your trusted, go-to friend or is it case 2, your arch nemesis? OR are you in between cases, you like to keep it casual with your fellow acquaintance, Mr. Denim. I would love to know where you stand and even what appalling stories you have about your denim with days!

With Love,

Maia Symone

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